Is your horse a Rock Star? Review

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“Is your horse a rock star?” book review

It should come as no surprise that I am always on the lookout for books that will expand my understanding of my horses. I came across “Is your horse a rock star?” last year during one of my periodic searches of the latest and greatest materials that enhance your understanding of your horse.

What I found was a valuable resource in a fun, lighthearted package. There is a quiz included in the book to help you establish which of the sixteen different personality types best fits your horse. The quiz is fun and relatively brief and I confess did a pretty good job of identifying each of my own horse’s “types.”

It is the book’s description and discussion of the individual personality types where this book really shines. The author provides snapshot of the individual horse’s personality and how that collection of characteristics impacts how they perceive and interact with the world. The author gleaned this information from a pool of over five hundred horses and owners, and so it includes lots of traits and idiosyncrasies that fall beyond a standard personality description.

The author also provides a discussion of a given type’s strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations about how to best work with a given horse’s skills and preferences to optimize both relationship and performance. Additionally, the author makes suggestions with respect to different equestrian disciplines that a given type might be best suited.

My own personal copy of this book is quite dog-eared and chock full of margin notes as a result of the insights it provided and ideas it generated. I think that in itself gives you some idea of how useful I found it. I like to have it on hand to review every so often to remind me of what my horses’ needed me to know.

In sum, I found this book both enjoyable and informative, and I am confident you will too.


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